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503-403-2710 was reported as a Unknown Pablo

A Call from 5034032710 originated from Oregon, in or around Portland

Date Reported: 05/25/2015

1. Manti. I was married there. I love the rooms and the small iatnmite live sessions. Can\'t beat the live sessions. Oh and yes, the pterodactyl is cool too. You can almost see the periods of geological time going around the creation room.2. 24: Toronto, Manhattan, Washington, Orlando, Columbus, Kirtland, Chicago, St. Louis, Baton Rouge, Houston, Dallas, Lubbock, Albuquerque, Denver, Idaho Falls, Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake, Jordan River, Provo, Manti, Oakland, Mexico City, London.3. Lubbock. (Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, and Palmyra by satellite) 4. Those listed in #2 plus San Antonio, Monticello, St. George, Timpanogos, Bountiful, Boise, Los Angeles, Switzerland, and Detroit (Detroit was under construction and San Antonio was a few days shy of dedication), for a total of 33. Also been to the sites of the Nauvoo (before it was rebuilt) and Independence temples. I guess I might have seen a few other sites (such as Brigham City), but before they were announced as temple sites. [url=]mzmqzmxgkky[/url] [link=]rjbxrfuugtp[/link]

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503-403-2710 was reported as a Unknown Yuriana

A Call from 5034032710 originated from Oregon, in or around Portland

Date Reported: 05/24/2015

Temples I\'ve been inside: SL, Logan, Timpanogas, Provo, St. George, LV, LA, Oakland, Mesa, Boise, Seattle, Lubbock, Baton Rouge, Houston, DC, Boston, Denver, Orlando, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, Palmyra, Bern, St. Louis, Jordan River, Detroit, Kirtland, Columbus, Manti 28 total.Temples I\'ve seen: Those 28 plus Dallas, Oklahoma City, Ogden, Oqhirrh Hills, Draper, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Bountiful, Twin Falls, Billings, NYC, Newport Beach, and the coutorncsitn sites of the new Kansas City temple and the new Gilbert, AZ temple 42 total. (I\'ve also visited the temple sites at Far West and Independence.)Dedications: South Jordan and St. Louis in person, Nauvoo, WQ, and Palmyra via video.Favorite: I like them all, although I\'ve realized I have a strong preference for the small temples. So, probably Lubbock, Detroit, or Baton Rouge.It\'s OK with me if you all take this temple attendance as a sign of my superior righteousness, but it is mostly just a function of the amount of travel I do in connection with my work. Instead of sitting around the hotel room on a weekday evening, I like to see if a temple is within reasonable driving distance. Also, I\'m older than most of you youngsters.

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