Below is a list of all active area codes broken down state by state.

About Us: Phone Lookup Pro

Built by the users, for the users. We got tired of paying to find out who was behind a call that I didn't recognize. Most of the time its a sales call, or a wrong number. Instead of paying for the information, check to see if another user has already left remarks about the number that called you. If you have information about a number that would be useful to others, post a comment so users can refer to it when that number calls them. If you still need more information, we provide links to our sponsor sites that can run a reverse phone lookup. Our services are completely free, there is no registration process, no email collection, we make it as easy as possible for our user to post information.

Basic Number Information

Each phone number has some recognizable aspects that we provide to you. Our basic information will let you know what area the call is coming from, what type of line, cellphone or landline, the number is, the company that supplies the phone service, and more... Additional information is provide by users just like you. Search for a number that called you to see how much information is available. Reverse phone lookups are also made available to you through one of our sponsor links should you require more information. If all you need to know if general information, and to read user comments about that number, Phone Lookup Pro is perfect for you, and best of all, its totally FREE!!!